» Town Full of Hoors «
Kevin McGowin
"You'd like to take the whole world to bed You sluts! You of outsized hearts, Each day You must be served a fresh-killed sport." — Baudelaire

22 ... Minot Gloats Over His Most Recent Tricks ...

Eet was the weekly Sunday Night Soiree at my house on Dauphin Street, and we couldn't for the Lifes of us figure out how to get the hell rid of dear Mrs. Cruikshanks. Her visit, her cookies, all in swell taste! But at Eight O'Clock my Boys come by.
        No Boys love eet more than the Middle Eastern Ones. So oppressed in their own culture they love for ME, Frankie Minot, to slide in so deep their P Gland is MOANING, and as such, I did. They were going, "Fuck me Allah, Fuck Me!" and my Viagra-swelled Spike fulfilled their needs.
        There is NOTHING more pleasurable than MY cock in a Sand-nigger's ass. Amen.
        Preston Foley had been transported elsewhere. But I'd HAD my fill of HIM. I love my ass-pussy to be under 19 and Middle Eastern. As how I always.
        Facil was 19 and was not much of a Drinker from what I observed, which was Facil getting sloppy after his third glass of Pinot Noir. I kicked everyone out and locked all the doors.
        The Boy LOVED his initiation. Unlike Keith Helms, who slept on my Couch whilst I played Mahler's Second and came into my den, where he was sleeping eet off, my dick in the one hand and a bottle of Inver House Scotch in the other. I said, "FUCK me, BOY!" and he headed for the front door, which was locked. So I said, "Foiled you!" and chased him around the apartment until he finally dislodged the Window in the Front Room, and was out into the lawn.
        I hissed, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSS, and flashed my teeth while tossing an empty bottle of Inver House out into the yard after him.
        But those Middle Eastern Boys, their little ass-pussies LOVE a taste of alcohol and a hard cock. Sluts! Those Arabs love to take eet up the ass homosexually, here in sin by the Mississippi River down in New Orleans.
        So, come ON, Boy. You'll be shitting out my sperm from your Allah ass for DAYS, honey. And You'll like eet, and I will like eet, and Allah will like eet and, if he doesn't, well, fuck eet, I'll fuck you anyway, Whore.
        This is the Town where the Mask takes over your Face.
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