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Kevin McGowin
Dedication & Acknowledgements

This time, it's for Courtney Brooke Reardon, for giving me ideas and unprecedented affirmation and support.

And then I wish to express my appreciation for those without whom I'd be striking a wet match: As always, Damon Sauve of Berkeley, my publisher and friend. Judith Ferster and Larry Johnson of Raleigh, who got me here, and Kim Martin, who was instrumental as always. Allen Tanner for the inspiration, Teddy for the suggestions, Michael W. Dean for helping me up the bar, Tony T. for BEING a few of these characters and turning me on to various and sundry others, Dorian Rush and Carlos Carrasco, Renee Tervalon, Melinda, Victoria Marshall-Blair, Jack Butler, Denis Johnson, Chuck Palahnuik, nerve.com, Kay Murphy, the late Allan Swafford, the even later Edward Gorey, Andrei Codrescu, the barflies on Decatur Street and the rest of the City of New Orleans, Marc Morial, Mayor.

Special thanks to the residents of seven Nola cemeteries, without whom the identities of certain persons would be even clearer than they already are.

And most of all, to my Readers, who had just as much fun with The Benny Poda Years as did I. Welcome back.

Kevin McGowin
New Orleans
October 1, 2001

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