» The Benny Poda Years «
Kevin McGowin
Chapter 6 - Essay Questions

  1. How is the narrator's different level of experience in what scholars have called "The Milwaukee Interlude" reflected in the style of his writing?
  2. In what period of American history does the episode take place? How do we know?
  3. The writing in the chapter has been compared to that of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Are the same things that were most important to Fitzgerald also important to the narrator? Explain your reaction to the final line.
  4. Does the book remind one of Henry Kissinger's memoir, Henry Kissinger: The Cold War Years? In what way(s)?
  5. Are you happy that the narrator is finally getting some quality pussy? Is the narrator a reliable one? IS Sally really some quality pussy? Support your answer with examples from the text.

Due Feb. 7. Watch those comma splices!

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