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Kevin McGowin
Chapter 7 - Essay Questions

  1. Scholars have long noted the "surrealist, dream-like quality" of Chapter 7. What does this tell us about the place of the author in an age of technology? Are they saying the author was asleep when he wrote it? Purchase the Books-On-Tape version of TBPY. Listen to Chapter 7 while watching Fantasia 2000 with the sound turned down. Detail your experience.
  2. The episode in Chapter 7 seems to take place exactly 17 years after the events of Chapter 6. Agree or disagree.
  3. Chapter 7 has been compared by critics to the 14th chapter of Matthew. Do you see similarities? Differences? What number is half of 14?
  4. Discuss the similarities between hockey and golf.
  5. Chapter 7 has been observed to be "Quite different in tone from Chapter 5." Is this because Chapter 7 is NOT Chapter 5? Explain.

Due Feb. 13. Remember, support that thesis statement!

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