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Kevin McGowin
Chapter 27 - Final Exam

  1. The narrator's failure to explain the precipitating circumstances for his or other characters' actions has been called "An example of anti-Newtonian Causation." Discuss.
  2. Why does the narrator want to fight Luke Primo? How can this reason be seen as the "catalyst" for all his actions in Parts 3 and 4? You had better be good.
  3. Discuss the role of Nursery Rhymes in the work.
  4. DON'T discuss the role of Nursery Rhymes in the work.
  5. It has been suggested that "The narrator is hallucinating the entire book." Agree or disagree. What does it mean to hallucinate?
  6. Which hockey player is YOUR Lord and Savior? Why?
  7. Discuss the juxtaposition between Benny Poda and Jesus.
  8. Find 3 phrases or allusions that are repeated throughout the work. How do they shed light on the meaning of the Work as a Whole? Elaborate.
  9. Which chapter is the "pivot" of the work? Explain.
  10. What is the Main Theme of the Work? Support your answer with examples from the Text.
  11. Chapter 28 has been called "anti-climactic" by many scholars. Not yet having Read it, why would you say the Closure HAS to be anti-climactic, in context? Write. Write.
  12. What Time Period do the Years encompass? See Question 5. Scholars are rift over the question: is it 17 years, 3 years, more years, 1 year, or No Years at All? How does the work's difficult chronology affect the narrator's broken-down Subaru in New Hampshire? Elaborate, or go write your OWN Great American Novel.

OK! Send your answers to to be considered for inclusion in The Benny Poda Years Critical Edition, to be taught in schools around America. It's been a great semester, and I'm Proud of You.

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