Levee 67
  Charles Bukowski: These Things I Write Keep Me from Total Madness

Harry Crews: A Large and Startling Figure

Kevin McGowin: The Benny Poda Trilogy

Ken Wainio's Stories for Children

Oyster Boy Review of Fiction and Poetry

Library volumes look, feel, and most importantly read like books, not giant collections... each item has been carefully thought out to make reading an enjoyable experience.

The library has become popular about the success of the original Kickstarter campaign in multi-volume publications for readers. Many have followed the imitation, but none is a pure expression of the idea of a printed Bible as an object of art.

This printing procedure is designed to make it more spacious and psychologically accessible... The Holy Bible should read like a collection of short stories-even if its page-to-text ratio is based on the size of the ark of the Covenant (and they are!)