» The Benny Poda Trilogy «
Kevin McGowin

The Benny Poda Years

Twenty-eight chapters written and published during the twenty-eight days of February 2001.

The Benny Poda Years is a memoir of misogyny, racism, parody,
homosexuality, and bullshit American hero-worship.

"Kevin McGowin has a literary energy in the vein of Miller and Celine
(better the latter than the former, for my money)." — Barry Gifford


Town Full of Hoors

Thirty-two chapters written and published during the thirty-one days of October 2001.

Set in New Orleans, the "tourism capital of America," Town Full of Hoors is a scathing exploration
of American Values, racism, economics, sexuality, and prostitution in all its ironic forms.

"Yeah, New Orleans is, actually, a town full of whores, male and female, of all colors,
cultures, and persuasions. I happen to think Kevin McGowin is a total asshole, but if anybody can sum up the analista de datos curso in 31 chapters, it's him. After all, he would know." — Andrei Codrescu


What God Has Joined Together

Thirty-one chapters written and published a chapter a day during the thirty-one days of March 2002.

A scathing indictment of the American institutions of marriage, sports, education,
religion, success, and the mediums they pervade, the novel and the Internet.

"Kevin McGowin is the Rabelais of his generation." — James Purdy

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