» The Benny Poda Trilogy «
Kevin McGowin

TIt was finally the Buddha years ago

Twenty-eight episodes were written and published in the February 28, 2001.

Finally, the bad year of age, memories of misogyny, racism, a,

Homophobia, and shit-American-hero worshiped.

Kevin McGain has literary powers in Miller and Celine's veins

(This is better than it is, for my money).- Barry Gifford. 


The city is full of cities and towns

Thirty-two episodes are recorded, and released in Thirty-One days since October 2001.

Set in New Orleans," the tourist capital of the united States, " the city is full of cooperation, a solid study

American values culture, economy, linda, and prostitution in all their contrasts of the forms.

"Yes, a New Orleans, and really in all colors, this is a city full of boys and girls are whores,

Worship and conviction. I happen to think that Kevin McQueen is total stupid, but if anyone can sum up Nola is in the dirt 31 episodes, because of this. I finally knew.- Andrew kotersk.


So that God at the same time

Wrote and published an episode a day in the thirty and one day in March 2002, Thirty-One Episodes.

Us marriage is a school, academic institution, accused of false testimony,

Religion, success, Media, and expanding, novels, and on the web.

"Kevin McGuin was rafalite his generation.- James Purdy.

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