» What God Has Joined Together «
Kevin McGowin
Wednesday 20 - Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Who, While Tending Sheep, Witnessed Rods

It's been a Long Month, and I have a Secret to tell you.

Sans Revisions, this book is already done.

So, for Chapter 20, as usual, please allow me to introduce my Supporting Cast:

First, on Drums, my Publisher and Friend, Damon Sauve, of Berkeley.

On Bass, Courtney Reardon, of New Orleans, and on Rhythm Guitar, Carlos Carrasco, of the Same Place. On Bass, Dorian Rush, and thank you much, and on Background Vocals, Kim Martin, and may God Bless the Both of Us.

And, on Lead Vocals, HELLO VIRGINIA! Hi, Nova Scotia. And Greetings, Finland, for I am and have for three Books been your Host BUT . . .

But, we have Ten Chapters left! Whatever will They do with them?

Good Lord, Fellas. Your guess is is good as Mine.

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