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Cindy Chu (Peace Corps/Yemen Journal) left Yemen after a year due to the outbreak of civil war. Ms. Chu presently works as a nurse in a Maternity Unit at Deering Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Chris Dubois (Confused Trauma) is an undergraduate at the University of Florida.

Lucy Harrison (Fine) graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. in English. Ms. Harrison lives and works in Gainesville, Florida.

Kevin McGowin's (Digging Up Wallace Stevens While High & Evening Song) work has appeared in numerous magazines. He is currently completing his M.A. at the University of Florida.

Robert McNellis (Little Man) was the avatar of Albert Camus, James Dean, and other minor deities in an 80s punk band. Mr. McNellis now owns University Avenue Bookshop in Gainesville and leads a quiet life with his wife Jenny and their two boys.

David Sapio (Last Best Places), like any quiet, unassuming type, completed his B.A. in English at the University of Florida, bought a motorcyle and disappeared. Over the last two years, we have received infrequent accounts of Mr. Sapio's adventures. The last we heard of him, he was a cook at Whiskey Jack's in Lake McDonald, Montana, living in the parking lot out of the back of his recently purchased Toyota truck and recuperating from the seaon's skiing accident.

Shelley Laughery Scholl (The Butterflies Are in Denial & Boxes) lives in Gainesville, Florida.

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