[ Oyster Boy Review ]

Kevin McGowin

Evening Song


Oh my soul,
I've spent the last forty years
Of my life
Looking for tits, ass, and pussy,

And I've never gotten into you. Boy,
It sure is rough,
When all you've got is yourself
And what God gave you:

A soul that screams for what it cannot ever have,
Imprisoned by a body
That takes a shit, at five o'clock
Every morning.


Oh my body,
Hey hey mama, I've spent the last forty years
Of my life
Smoking, drinking, snorting toot,

And I'm about worn out. Fuck,
Things sure are stupid,
When you get to this point
And you're brain's intact:

A brain imprisoned by its own decline,
Imprisoned by a head, a skull
That, at last, becomes the shit,
At five o'clock every morning. When

My father died,
And I pulled the sheet back over his face,
I didn't see him move at all
As I groped my way back home.

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