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C H A R L E S   B U K O W S K I

These Words I Write Keep Me From Total Madness

Brewer, Gay. Charles Bukowski. New York, NY: Twayne, 1997.

Twayne's united states authors series; N. 684.

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Dobozi, Tamas. "In the Land of the Contradiction in the Hypocrite King: to Define Dirty, So charles bukowski Factotum" Modern Fiction Studies 47.1 (2001): 43-68.

As the articles of the Muse project.

There is a bibliography of Sanford M. Charles Bukowski. Los Angeles, California: Black Lace, 1969.

350 copies printed.

Fox, Hugh. Charles bukowski: Classic and Bibliographic Study (English Somerville MA: Abyss, Publications, 1969.

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Joyce, William. Miller, charles bukowski & his Opponents: Essays on Modern Culture (Greensboro, NC: Davisson Oxford University Press, 1996.

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A descriptive bibliography of the main edition by Charles Bukovsky.

Hardcover and softcover available Amazon.com .....

Locklin, Gerald. Charles Bukowski: A Safe Bet. Sudbury MA: Water Row Press, 1996.

Hardcover available: Amazon.com .....

Packard, William, ed. "The art of the Interview with charles bukowski" (eng. New York four. 1985. V. 27. 1985. pp. 19-25.

In New York, there is a permanent poetry of four Charles Bukowski and each of the four results in 5 years. The interview shows a calm, aging writer. There are 3 images.

Peter, Robert. "The poetic, or on our Nightingale music: charles bukowski."When Bein Sucks: Workers, Drone, and Queens of Contemporary American Poetry. Santa Monica, CA: Asylum Arts, 1994. Social Democrat. 56-66.

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Smith, Ed. Of course: Charles Bukowski clients. Homeland, CA: E. L. Smith, 1991.

"Of course, in America dedicated to Charles Bukowski. It was called the Charles Bukowski Bulletin, and the first case was published in May 1991. Over the years, but has undergone some changes. At first, a thin Zine-like logs were released three times a year, only recently has the form change. Now it is much thicker and is released every year. With an eclectic mix of photos, posters, songs by Charles Bukowski, articles about the man and the work of the person of Charles Bukowski, by far the best support for Charles Bukowski scientists and Charles Bukowski regular players."

Online: http:/index.htmlrealbeer.com/buk/sure.html

Smith, Jules. Art, health and so on: The poetry of charles bukowski (eng. The united KINGDOM: Wrecking Ball P, 2000.

Songs and samples collected there. Introduction by Gerald Locklin.

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Theis, associate editor of the critical publish enclitic for MPH-find Charles Bukowski with the California Regional Literature of La, Hollywood and Columnist.

"Charles Bukowski."Contemporary Fiction Review (eng. Autumn 1985 V. 5, No. 3. p 4-63.

Thirteen essays about Charles Bukowski's writing, his reputation, lack of choice of assessment and a psychological interpretation. They talked about the post office, women, on the North side without the South side, all the time and the dirty old man of the notes. A few short extracts from Charles Bukowski. The best principle and research by Charles Bukowski.

Charles Bukowski: These Words I Write Keep Me from Total Madness
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