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C H A R L E S   B U K O W S K I

These Words I Write Keep Me From Total Madness


Bukovsky sent poems to literary magazines, both small and large, through his written exams. Compiling the following code in a bibliography is a difficult, if not impossible task. This list is an arbitrary selection of journal publications and is not intended for authorization.

"Between earthquakes, a volcano and a leopard." Antey 75/76. (autumn 1994) pp. 241-246. 

It contains several songs and was recently published on bet in the museum: "Tab", "Observer", "August 1993", "Tonight", "Location No.."

"Funny man. Editor's Choice II: Fiction, poetry and art from us is fine print. Mort Skler and Mary Biggs, Ed. The City, IO: The Spirit that Moves Us Press, 1987. 78.-79.P.

First published in the Mid-Atlantic Review., No. 11, 1979.hold out your hand.

Horses don't bet on people who don't, I. Stockton, California: Worm. Wood Ravi.Print, 1984. 83-124.S.

Published as Wormwood Roars 95 95, volume 24, 3.

I'll lead them. Sparro.72. Los Angeles, SI: Black Sparro,, 1978.

The latest issue of Sparro magazine is dedicated to Bukovsky's songs. Sparrow was in the middle of the Black Sparrow, which cultivated writers on a literary website and strengthened positions in the press, for example, Bukovsky.

Africa, Paris, Greece. Sparro.30. Los Angeles, SI: Black Sparro,, 1975.

"A sparrow appears every month. Prints poems, essays, criticism, reviews and comments. Each issue represents the work of the author." 8 songs.

While the music was playing. Sparro 5 5. Los Angeles, SI: Black Sparro,, 1973.

Eleven songs released by Black Sparro.er a magazine bird who later shows up to play the piano drunk.

"About the birth, life and death of an underground newspaper.Evergreen 13.70 review (September 1969): 41-43, 67-72.

An article for a Los Angeles newspaper headlined "open pussy."

"Men's Crapper." Evergreen Review 11.50 (December 1967): 75.

Charles Bukowski: These Words I Write Keep Me from Total Madness
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